Efficient cleaning of carbon dioxide dry ice

- Apr 25, 2019-

Dry ice cleaning has unique thermal and mechanical effects, which makes it have superior cleaning effect, especially for fine texture and dense pore cleaning on precision molds.

It does not damage the mold and precision parts, does not change the tolerance, does not affect the surface finish of the object

However, the dry ice cleaning process also has a certain impact, and the relatively low cleaning temperature also has certain applicability.

It should also be used reasonably according to the specific conditions during cleaning.

Safe, environmentally friendly and pollution free

Since the dry ice only leaves the cleaned dirt after cleaning, the dry ice particles have been vaporized into carbon dioxide gas, and there is no other chemical residue, which does not pollute the environment.

The traditional detergent cleaning will cause secondary pollution to water bodies and the environment, and will increase the burden of urban water treatment.

Dry ice cleaning technology in foreign countries has received a series of safety approvals, which meet the safety requirements of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It can be used in the food and hygiene industry without chemical damage to the practitioners. It is an ideal substitute for chemical cleaners.

Since the specific gravity of carbon dioxide gas is greater than that of air, it will gather continuously in the lower part of the room or other confined space. The operator should keep the working site well ventilated and pay attention to the safety of use.

Waterless cleaning, widely used

 The dry ice cleaning process produces water and other liquids, so it can be used in power lines and equipment, electrical control components, insulation materials, and other cleaning applications where water resistance is required.

At the same time, this is one of the outstanding advantages of dry ice cleaning for the food industry.www.wxytgas.com