Dry ice cleaning technology points and application range

- May 09, 2019-

The application of dry ice cleaning technology, dry ice cleaning has been widely used in the foundry industry around the world, the foundry industry has mostly changed to dry ice cleaning to clean the sand mold and fixed mold.

The principle of cleaning "energy transfer". The dry ice hits the surface to be cleaned at high speed, the impact kinetic energy is dissipated, and the dry ice particles and the cleaning surface undergo extremely rapid heat transfer, and the carbon dioxide is sublimated instantaneously. "Cryogenic cracking". Two different materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion, the temperature difference between them will destroy the bond between the two materials. Dry ice particles (-78.5 ° C) impact the surface of the treated material, causing the dirt to freeze to embrittlement and burst, resulting in "cracking" and affecting the mechanical properties of adhering dirt. "Micro-explosion." After the dry ice particles are drilled into the dirt crack, they are vaporized in a few thousandths of a second, and their volume is instantly expanded 600-800 times, and the dirt is peeled off the surface of the object. The dry ice cleaning process uses compressed air as the power to spray the dry ice particles to the surface of the object to be cleaned at supersonic speed, but instead of relying solely on the kinetic energy of the dry ice particles, the ultra-low temperature performance of the dry ice is used to achieve the purpose of decontamination.

Cleaning equipment Dry ice cleaning equipment can generally be divided into two parts: 1. Dry ice pellet machine. The liquid CO2 is made into dry ice particles of a certain size, which are usually high density dry ice particles having a diameter of 3 mm and a length of 2.5 mm to 10 mm. 2. Dry ice high pressure cleaner. The equipment generally requires a clean compressed air source of 4.0 bar or more and 3 m3/min or more, and the high-density dry ice particles charged into the washing machine are driven by compressed air, and are mixed with a specially designed spray gun system along with compressed air. Accelerate and spray onto the surface of the object being cleaned. According to your needs: 1 purchase of dry ice washing machine. The purchased dry ice granules are placed in a dry ice washing machine for cleaning. 2 Purchase dry ice granulator and dry ice cleaner, but use them separately. The dry ice pellets produced by the dry ice pellet machine are stored in a special sealed container, transported to the construction site, and loaded into a dry ice washing machine for cleaning. 3 The dry ice granulator and the dry ice washing machine are matched into one system.

Dry ice cleaning technology application range, washing machine dry ice cleaning can be cleaned on the spot. This advanced cleaning method can not only save man-hours, but also greatly reduce downtime. Compared with the old sand blasting, there is no fear of wear and tear, and the mold can be saved again. Assembly time. Dry ice cleaning removes the release layer and residual material from the mold, and the accumulated dirt is easily removed when the mold is at a high temperature and in the line. This type of cleaning can reduce the downtime due to cleaning by 80%-95%. Since the cleaning process is not worn, the size of the precision mold is not destroyed. In addition, the "micropores" can be opened and cleaned, thus eliminating the need to manually drill through the vents.www.wxytgas.com