Dry ice cleaning equipment characteristics

- May 31, 2019-

Since dry ice equipment has been operating under extremely cold environmental conditions, the temperature of the dry ice ice making device reaches -79 degrees Celsius, which places high demands on the stability of the equipment, such as pistons, seals, dry ice flow metering devices, and conveying devices. Etc., it is required to withstand low temperature -79 degrees Celsius, and the equipment under normal conditions is often blocked under such low temperature conditions, and can not be continuously operated, so this is also the main reason for the high cost of dry ice equipment.

Equipment on our fully automated production line is required to be able to operate 24 hours a day, without downtime, so if the performance of dry ice equipment is not reliable, it will greatly increase equipment downtime, affect production and affect production efficiency.

Our dry ice equipment is fully integrated with the robot in the automatic control system to realize online control of the switch gun. The dry ice flow and cleaning pressure are controlled by analog signals, so that different cleaning parameters can be used in the same program cleaning track.www.wxytgas.com