Cylinder gas distribution process and precautions

- Jul 03, 2019-

Cylinder gas must be safe and reliable in the process of transportation. There is no friction spark during transportation, no corrosion, no noise, no maintenance. In addition, the all-plastic cylinder cart is more powerful than the metal cylinder pusher, with better balance and better operability. Light weight, effortless and durable. It can be applied to any road surface and can handle cylinders up to 31 cm in diameter.

When the cylinder gas is used, it is necessary to wear the bottle cap (except for the gas cylinder with the protective cover) and the anti-vibration ring (excluding the assembled gas cylinder). It is lightly loaded and unloaded, and it is strictly prohibited to throw, slide, roll and touch. It is strictly forbidden to use electromagnetic cranes and metal chain ropes when lifting.

The gas in the cylinder of the cylinder gas may cause combustion, explosion, and gas cylinders to be produced. It shall not be transported with the vehicle (carriage); articles that are flammable, flammable, corrosive or chemically react with the gas in the bottle shall not be Gas cylinders are shipped together. When transported by vehicle, the cylinder should be properly fixed. When standing, the height of the compartment should be more than 2/3 of the height of the bottle. When lying down, the valve end should be facing one side, and the height should not exceed five layers and should not exceed the height of the compartment.

Cylinder gas must be shaded during the summer transportation to avoid exposure; in the bustling areas of the city, daytime transportation should be