Cylinder gas cylinder volume classification and management requirements

- Jun 08, 2018-

When the cylinder gas is used, it mainly refers to the repeated use of gas in the normal ambient temperature. To a certain extent, the nominal working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.2 MPa (gauge pressure), and the product of pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 1.0 MPa•L gas pressure, liquefied gas and mobile pressure vessel with normal boiling point equal to or lower than 60°C.

Cylinder gas is a kind of pressure-bearing equipment. To a certain extent, the bearing medium will generally be flammable, toxic, highly corrosive, explosive, etc. The use environment is not fixed due to its movement, repeated filling and operation. The use of environmental changes, to ensure the safe use of gas cylinders, in addition to requiring it to meet the general requirements of pressure vessels, but also need to have some special provisions and requirements.

The nominal volume of the cylinder gas mainly refers to the cylinder's regulations and the standard cylinder volume classification series. To a certain extent, the nominal volume and the working pressure are the same. For the safety measure, the actual volume of the cylinder must be greater than the nominal volume. The tolerance is +5%. It can be seen that the nominal volume, although a nominal value of a title, is very strict and cannot be called arbitrarily.

In order to facilitate the management of cylinder gas to a certain extent, the nominal volume of cylinders in China is divided into large, medium, and small categories: 12L (including 12L) below is a small volume, and 12L or more to 100L (including 100L) is a medium volume, 100L. The above is a large volume.

The volume of seamless cylinders made of steel gas cylinders will be 40 L cylinders most commonly found on the market. The volume of steel welded cylinders is used as a dissolved acetylene cylinder to a certain extent, and is mainly based on liquid chlorine during operation. Liquid ammonia cylinders are most popular with 800L and 400L. Because of the filling factor of 1.25 kg/L of liquid chlorine, their media quality is exactly 1 t and 0.5 t.