Creamy eggs compared to others and cream foaming process properties

- Sep 30, 2018-

Creamy egg, it is the object of this article, because the understanding and understanding of the product to achieve this level, in order to use correctly and reasonably, to avoid misuse. Moreover, this is often used in cake and coffee making, so there is also a need to understand.


1. Which of the cream types and cream eggs are important in the foaming process of cream?

In the foaming process of cream, the use of cream and the use of creamy eggs are all important aspects. Therefore, they are equally important, and it is not important to say which one is important. Moreover, it must be taken seriously and treated seriously, because the type of cream will affect the taste of the cream, and the correct use of the cream egg will affect the foaming quality and foaming effect of the cream.


2. Cream foam, in addition to the use of cream and cream eggs, what will be used?

Cream foam, cream and cream eggs are necessary to use, and will be used, can not be omitted, and in the foaming tools or equipment, the use of special cream foaming device, more cream, and The gas in the cream egg is proportioned into the butter foamer, and the foam can be foamed. However, in this process, it is necessary to determine whether the butter foamer is first filled with cream or first filled with gas. The same result is different.


3. Cream foaming, is it a physical or chemical reaction process?

Cream foaming, in the opinion of professionals in this regard, is a material process, not a chemical reaction process, because the gas in the cream egg is a gas of nitrous oxide, which is an inert gas. There will be no reaction with the cream, so this conclusion will be made. Moreover, it only changes the shape of the cream and does not appear new.


4. Is the mixing ratio of the cream and the gas in the cream egg important?

When mixing the cream and the gas in the creamy egg, the ratio between the two should be strictly controlled and mastered, because if the cream is excessive or the amount of cream is too small, it will affect the foaming quality and foaming effect. The same problem can occur if the amount of gas is too much or too little. Therefore, it is required to control the ratio between them. Generally speaking, the appropriate ratio is 1:1.