Cream egg storage instructions and gas properties and usage points

- Aug 22, 2018-

Creamy eggs, have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of it, so that you can know what it is and how to use it properly, so as to avoid misuse of various problems or adverse effects. Moreover, through professional learning, it can also reflect the use value of the product, so it can be taken seriously and carried out, not sloppy.


1. Does the gas in the cream egg and its use need to become liquid?

The creamy egg is filled with nitrous oxide gas, and this kind of gas does not need to become a liquid during use, and it is always in a gas state. Therefore, it does not have any state changes during use, and it is also convenient to operate.


2. Instructions for storing creamy eggs

Creamy eggs, if they are not opened, should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place, not in a hot or humid environment, or exposed to direct sunlight or exposure. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid refrigeration, as it may cause changes in the state of the gas and affect the normal use of the cream egg.


3.When the cream egg is used together with the cream, do you want to use it all at once?

When the creamy egg is used together with the cream, it is used in a certain mixing ratio, and there are some requirements in use. For creamy eggs, it is required to run out on the same day, and there is no surplus. For cream, try to use it once. Do not have any remaining. Because the cream is left for too long, it is easy to deteriorate and affect the taste of the cream.


4. Is the gas in the creamy egg an inert gas? What should I pay attention to during the use?

The gas in the cream egg is a gas of nitrous oxide, which is very stable at room temperature and does not react with any substance. From a professional point of view, this gas is an inert gas because it conforms to the definition of inert gas. However, it should be avoided by the human body during use, because when a person takes this gas, it will have a strong separation, lasting for about one minute, so this requirement will be met.