Cream egg purchase considerations and product use analysis

- Aug 28, 2018-

The understanding and understanding of buttery eggs will continue below, as it will be used in large cream molding operations and cake making, and will also be used in coffee making. Therefore, you should come to know and understand, so that you can know what is a creamy egg and can be used correctly to get the desired effect.


1. What should I pay attention to when buying creamy eggs?

When you buy creamy eggs, you must choose the products produced by regular manufacturers, because this can guarantee the quality, and ensure that the pure nitrous oxide gas is used in the cream eggs, instead of mixing other gases, or Other gases are posing. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the sealing performance of the cream cans is good, so as to avoid problems such as air leakage, so that the cream eggs have not been used yet, and the gas inside has already run out.


2. Creamy egg, is it used for foaming or whipping cream?

Creamy eggs, which are professionally used, are used in the foaming of whipped cream rather than the foaming of whipped cream. Therefore, it can be considered as a food processing aid, but it cannot be directly applied. In addition, it is also used in the coffee making process. Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned uses, the cream eggs cannot be used for other purposes to avoid problems or unsafe factors.


3. Is there a variety of uses for the gas in the cream egg?

The gas in the cream egg is an inert gas of nitrous oxide, which is used in the food and medical industries for specific purposes, and can also be used as a combustion aid for aerospace racing cars. However, from the current point of view, this kind of gas is used in the food industry, especially in the production of cakes and coffee, mainly used in foam molding.


4. Use whipped cream to make the cream, do you want to use creamy eggs? In addition, is the production of soda water using creamy eggs?

The cream is made with whipped cream, which does not use the creamy egg because it is used to make the cream foam, but a special creaming machine is used to do the job. In the process of making soda, the creamy egg is not used because it uses carbon dioxide gas, which is dissolved in water to get soda water. It is not using nitrous oxide gas. A conclusion.