Cream Chargers use requirements and main use examples

- Nov 12, 2018-

But the creamy egg, although only four words, needs to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because only through learning can be used correctly and rationally, and then, the creamy egg can be fully utilized and have a good use effect, without being misused Bad influence.


1. Creamy egg, does it taste?

The creamy egg, specifically, is filled with a nitrous oxide inert gas in a steel tank, and this kind of gas is commonly called "laughing gas", and the shape of the steel tank is similar to that of the bullet, so It is called a creamy egg. Moreover, the gas of nitrous oxide has a creamy aroma. All said that the creamy egg is tasteful, not a colorless and odorless gas.


2. Is there any other main use for creamy eggs besides being used for cake making?

Creamy eggs, which are used in cake making, such as cream foaming and creaming, are used to make various shapes with cream. In addition to this main purpose, cream eggs can also be used in coffee making, mainly in the production of a variety of fancy coffee to enhance the appearance of coffee.


3. Creamy eggs and cream, do you have good quality, in order to have a good match?

From a professional point of view, it is obvious that the answer to this question is that, for example, creamy eggs and creams must be of good quality in order to have a good match. The standard of good quality of buttered eggs is that it is a pure and clean nitrous oxide gas, which cannot be other gases, while cream is required to have good quality and taste, and can not have any impurities.


4. Is it feasible to beat the egg white? Do you need to use creamy eggs?

According to the introduction of the experts, it is impossible and unsuccessful because the egg white is not creamy, but it is expanded by the air when it is sent, so as to play the role of buffing the food. Therefore, in this process, it is not necessary to use cream eggs. Moreover, from the description thereof, there is no need to use cream eggs.