Comparison of cream egg and butter foamer and treatment after use

- Aug 21, 2018-

What is the content of the creamy egg? This question is raised. The following will be explained and answered in detail so that everyone can continue to master new knowledge and realize the application of knowledge. It can also have a comprehensive understanding of buttery eggs, rather than knowing nothing or just staying on the surface.


1. Comparison of creamy egg and butter foamer

Creamy egg and butter foamer, from a professional point of view, this is two different things, so they can't be equal. Creamy egg, which is a small steel tube filled with nitrous oxide gas, and a butter foamer, which is used for foaming of the cream, will lead to this specific conclusion.


2. Are there any different specifications for steel cans in cream eggs?

Creamy egg, which is the two parts of nitrous oxide gas and steel can. This part of steel can be of different sizes and can be selected according to the needs of use. However, in actual work, 8 grams of steel cans are used because they are more convenient to use and have the right capacity, so there is no waste.


3. Why is the nitrous oxide gas in the cream egg, not the other gas?

Creamy egg, which is mainly used in cake making, so the basic requirement for its use is that it does not react with butter, and nitrous oxide gas can meet this requirement well, and The effect is good. Therefore, this kind of gas will be used in the cream egg to make the cake. In addition, this kind of gas has a chemical property at room temperature, and it does not explode and burn.


4. When using cream and cream eggs, do you use cream or cream eggs first? Can the cream eggs be recycled after use?

When using creamy eggs and cream, use cream first, then use creamy eggs, and at this point, you should have a correct understanding and no mistakes. If you use creamy eggs and then use cream, it will affect the cream. Foam quality and foaming effect.


After the cream eggs are used, they should be recycled, rather than littered, because they have recycling value, so as to avoid waste or environmental pollution. In addition, everyone should be clear and keep this in mind so that they can be strictly enforced in actual work.