Comparison of Cream Chargers used and cream foaming materials

- Oct 25, 2018-

Cream Chargers, which want to be used correctly and reasonably, need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding. Therefore, the following work will be carried out immediately to achieve this goal as soon as possible. Moreover, through this work, you can broaden your knowledge and know what a Cream Chargers is, not knowing nothing about this product.


1. How should the Cream Chargers be properly understood?

The correct and simple understanding of the Cream Chargers is: a small steel tube filled with an inert gas such as nitrous oxide. It cannot be understood as a gas-liquid two-phase flow with a reduced elastic yellow flow structure. In addition, it is one of the chargers, which can be used for foaming and molding of creams, and is therefore called a Cream Chargers. It is intuitively known by name.


2. Cream Chargers and ordinary chargers, are they the same in terms of use requirements?

Cream Chargerss and ordinary chargers, they have some differences in the use requirements, because: the Cream Chargers is used, it is required not to react with the cream, so it is a gas of nitrous oxide, if it is For carbon dioxide, it cannot be used on cream because it reacts with water in the cream to form carbonic acid, which affects the quality of the cream. Ordinary chargers, in which the gas is not a gas of nitrous oxide, is required to be stable in use.


3. The cream is foamed. Is it possible to use a soda chargers without a Cream Chargers?

Cream foaming, it is better to use Cream Chargerss and animal cream, but also can make the cream have a good molding effect, the ratio of the two is 1:1. However, if there is no Cream Chargers, you can use Soda chargers, but on the cream, it is to use plant butter instead of animal cream, so pay attention to this point, no mistakes.


4. How is the Cream Chargers used better? Is its steel tank important?

The use of Cream Chargers, in general, should be used up or used once, if not, it should be used on the same day, remember not to be placed and used overnight, because the Cream Chargers may open after overnight, there may be leakage Gas and other issues. The steel can in the Cream Chargers is very important because it is a container for storing gas. If there is no steel tank, the gas will not be stored well.