Comparison of Cream Chargers and laughter and specific requirements for cream use

- Nov 10, 2018-

Familiarization and understanding of buttery eggs is an important task, and it must be taken seriously and carried out, because only in this way can the rational use of the product be realized and misuse can be avoided. The following is based on this specific requirement for the study of Cream Chargers, the learning content is as follows.


1. Is the creamy egg and the laughing gas the same?

The creamy egg is filled with an inert gas such as nitrous oxide, and a small steel can is used to store the gas. Laughing, specifically refers to the nitrous oxide gas, so the two are different, the former is a specific thing, the latter is just a gas. In addition, they are also different in use, and cannot be confused and misplaced and used.


2. What are the main uses of the gas in the cream egg?

The gas in the cream egg is a gas of nitrous oxide. It is a colorless and slightly sweet gas. In its main use, it is mainly used for three purposes. It is used for foaming and creaming. It is an anesthetic and tranquilizer in the medical industry. The third is a combustion improver in aerospace racing. In addition to these three uses, cream eggs can not be used for other purposes.


3. Do you need Cream Chargers during the process of egg white and sugar?

In the process of egg whitening and sugaring, the eggbeater is used for stirring to obtain the protein cream, instead of foaming or creaming, so the creamy egg is not used. Moreover, during the egg whites, the air expands due to the air, rather than expanding due to the gas in the cream egg. Therefore, from these two points of view, there is no need to use cream eggs.


4. Is there any requirement for the use of cream?

There are some requirements for the use of cream. The important point is that it cannot meet acidic substances or gases. Because the cream will form a snowflake when it is sour, it will affect the quality of the cream. Therefore, the cream egg is filled with pure nitrous oxide gas, does not contain any acid gas or acidic substances, in order to prevent this problem when the foam is foamed or creamed. Moreover, when the cream is used, it is required to strictly enforce this.