Comparison and storage requirements between cream eggs and ordinary gas bombs

- Aug 24, 2018-

Creamy eggs, which are mainly used in the making of cakes, so if you want to make a cake, you need to know and understand the creamy eggs, in order to achieve the purpose, and then make a delicious and delicious cake. So, next, is the familiarity and understanding of buttery eggs.


1. Is there a difference between a creamy egg and an ordinary gas bomb?

Creamy egg, which can also be written as a cream bomb, is one of the gas bombs. The difference between it and the ordinary gas bomb is mainly that the type of gas to be filled is that the cream egg is filled with nitrous oxide gas, and the ordinary gas bomb is filled with other gas, so in the specific name, It is also different, so that they can be distinguished and not confused.


2. Does the cream on the cake need to use creamy eggs?

Cream is an indispensable part of the cake, otherwise it cannot be called a cake. For the cream part, whether it is used for creamy eggs depends on the actual situation. If it is necessary to make a cream, it is necessary to use creamy eggs, and vice versa. Moreover, when the creamy egg is used, the cream egg can be fully contacted and fused with the cream, and the cream can have a good molding effect.


3. Is there cream in the creamy egg?

Butter cream eggs, although they have the word cream on the name, but there is no cream, it is a small steel tank filled with nitrous oxide gas, but it is used, mainly with cream It can be used together and the cream can be molded, so this name will be available for image and materialization.


4. Creamy egg, can it be placed and stored at will?

Creamy egg, as can be seen from the above explanation, it is a small steel tank, inside which is nitrous oxide gas, and nitrous oxide gas is an inert gas, does not react with other substances, at room temperature The material and chemical properties are stable and are not flammable and explosive gases. Therefore, it is safe at normal temperature, but it does not mean that the cream eggs can be placed and stored at will. There are also some precautions, such as placing them out of reach of children, and keeping them sealed to prevent them from appearing. The gas in the steel can runs out due to problems such as air leakage.