Cleaning process and working process of dry ice cleaning equipment

- Aug 08, 2019-

Such low temperatures allow dry ice cleaning to have unique thermodynamic properties that affect the mechanical properties of adhering dirt. Thermal shock occurs due to the temperature difference between the dry ice particles and the cleaning surface. The material temperature is lowered and the brittleness is increased, and the dry ice particles are capable of crushing the fouling layer.

The cost of dry ice cleaning equipment is low. Because carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere, it is very convenient to use and cheap. The power consumption equipment only has an air compressor. The dry ice is directly volatilized during the cleaning process, and there is no cost for cleaning the cleaning medium.

Dry cleaning process for dry ice cleaning equipment Unlike steam and high pressure water cleaning, dry ice cleaning does not damage the wires, control components, and switches. After cleaning, the possibility of rusting the equipment is also greatly reduced compared to water cleaning. In the food industry, dry ice cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of bacterial growth compared to water cleaning.