Classified by chemical properties of special gases

- Jul 15, 2019-

According to its chemical properties, special gases can be classified into inert gases, flammable gases, pyrophoric gases, oxidizing gases and corrosive gases. The inert gases commonly used in the industry are CF4, C4F8, SF6, Ar, CO2, He, Xe, Ne, etc.; flammable gases are AsH3, B2H6, NH3, TEOS, TMB; pyrophoric gases are SiH4, PH3, etc.; oxidizing gases There are NO, NF3, etc.; corrosive gases are HCl, HBr, BCl3, BF3, SiCl4, POCl3, PF3, PF5 and so on. It is worth noting that many special gases have both of the above properties, such as SiH2Cl2 and SiHCl3, which are both flammable and corrosive. For example, Cl2 and F2 are both corrosive and oxidizing. 

In general, semiconductors, photovoltaics and other industries have built special gas rooms on the first floor of their main building, and divide different gases according to the type and nature of the gas used. If the special gas used in the plant is highly toxic, flammable and explosive, and the storage capacity reaches a certain value, it is necessary to establish a gas station to supply gas to the production line in a region other than the safe distance from the