Classification of the state of the special gas in the pressure vessel

- Jul 12, 2019-

The special gas is filled in the pressure vessel during transportation, storage and transportation. The gas will fill all corners in the pressure vessel and the wall pressure of the vessel will be balanced. A gas called a permanent gas that always exists in the form of a gas under normal filling pressure and temperature, and a liquefied gas is called a liquefied gas. Liquefied gas is divided into two types, high pressure liquefied gas such as: HCL, N2O; low pressure liquefied gas such as: NH3, CL2, PH3. Since the pressure inside the pressure vessel will gradually decrease when the permanent gas is used, and when the liquefied gas is used, the pressure does not change as long as there is liquid in the pressure vessel, so in the gas operation management, the permanent gas residual amount is monitored. The method is pressure monitoring, and the residual amount of liquefied gas is monitored by adding an electronic scale and using a weight monitoring