Chemical characteristics and advantages of six sulfur hexafluoride gas in electronic gases

- May 12, 2018-

The electronic gas is different from that of other gases. When it is used, the requirement of the gas cylinder is very strict. In the process of operation, the diameter of the electronic gas, the geometric size and the height of the bottle should meet the requirements of the user. In the field of semiconductors, the gas bottle pass Chang An is used in the cylinder cabinet and the cylinder cabinet. After the size and the connection of the tube and valve are confirmed, the cylinder will have some fixed requirements to a certain extent.

Advantages of six sulfur fluoride gas in electronic gases

The six sulfur fluoride gas of electronic gas is a kind of odorless, colorless and non corrosive compound. In the process of operation, gas will be presented at normal temperature and normal state. It is the non combustible in operation and the best chemical stability of non metal oxide. Because six sulfur fluoride gas has excellent chemical thermal stability, it will not be decomposed at 500 degree temperature if the purity is guaranteed. It has excellent insulation and arc reduction ability, even if it breaks down and ionize instantaneously under the arc, but it can also quickly restore the original stable state after the arc reduction, so using his high chemical stability and excellent electrical insulation characteristics, the electric industry and ultra high pressure insulation materials are widely used. In addition, it has the characteristics of large heat transfer coefficient and good cooling effect.

The six sulfur fluoride gas is widely used in the process of the use of high pressure and medium voltage electrical equipment insulation materials and arc reducing medium, to a certain extent, the anti oxidizing agent of metal smelting process, the meteorologic tracer experiment and tracer, the refrigerant and the heat carrier of the refrigeration process. The insulators used in medical treatment for the X - ray device. It can also be used to make monocrystalline silicon and basic theoretical research.

Chemical properties of six sulfur fluoride gas in electronic gases

At normal temperature is a kind of inert gas. Generally it does not react with other materials.

Characteristics of electronic gases

The six sulfur fluoride gas has excellent insulation in the process of operation, and it has its unique thermal and electrical properties to a certain extent. SF6 gas is an electronegativity gas. Its molecules and atoms have the ability to adsorb free electrons in a large amount of free electrons in the arcs and generate negative ions. The movement of negative ions is much slower than that of free electrons, and it is easy to compound the positive ions into neutral molecules and atoms, which greatly accelerates the recovery of the strength of the gap medium when the current is zero.