Brief introduction to the physical properties of dry ice, dry ice cleaning equipment and precautions

- Dec 19, 2017-

Dry ice is a solid state of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is a colorless and tasteless gas in the normal state. Dry ice will easily evaporate into carbon dioxide, 1000 times larger than it is. Therefore, dry ice can not be stored in containers with good sealing performance and small volume, otherwise it will easily explode.

1.Physical properties

At room temperature, when the carbon dioxide gas is pressurized to about 101325Pa, and a part of the steam is cooled to -56℃, the carbon dioxide gas will freeze into solid carbon dioxide like snowflake. The gasification heat of solid carbon dioxide is very large, and it is 364.5J/g at -60℃. When it is vaporized at Atmospheric pressure, it can make the ambient temperature drop to about -78℃, and it will not generate liquid, so it is called dry ice. Dry ice can also be used as artificial rainfall. It can absorb a lot of heat quickly in the air and reduce the temperature around it, so that water vapor can be liquefied into small water droplets, so that the purpose of rainfall is. In addition, silver iodide and other substances also have similar properties.

2.Dry ice cleaning equipment

Dry ice cleaning equipment can be divided into the following several, specific:

(1)Dry ice grain machine

The liquid carbon dioxide is made into a certain size of dry ice particles, which are usually high density dry ice particles with a diameter of 3mm and a length of 2.5mm - 10mm.

(2)Dry ice high pressure cleaning machine

High pressure cleaning machine need clean dry compressed air source above more than 4.0bar and 3m3/min. High density of dry ice particles in the cleaning machine, compressed air driven with compressed air, through  the gun system with special design mixing, accelerate, jet to the surface of the cleaned object.

(3)Dry ice cleaning machine

Dry ice cleaning is used to remove mold layer and residual material on the die. The accumulated dirt is easily removed when the mold is in high temperature and on line. This kind of cleaning method can reduce about 80%-95% of the time when the shutdown due to cleaning. Because the cleaning process is not worn, it will not destroy the size of the precision mold. In addition, the "micro" can be open and clean, so you will no longer need to manually drilled through the vent hole.

3.Matters of attention

(1)Remember to be careful and use gloves or other shelters to touch dry ice. If you touch dry ice without any shelters  for a long time, it may cause cell freezing, which is similar to mild or severe scald injury.

(2)The temperature of dry ice is very low, please do not put it in the mouth, take strict precautions against frostbite.

(3)Use thick cotton glove, clip or other shelters to take the dry ice.

(4)Please use dry ice in good ventilation, and avoid being in closed space with dry ice.

(5)The dry ice can not be mixed with liquid.