Application of dry ice cleaning technology in nuclear industry equipment cleaning

- Apr 30, 2019-

In the special industry of the nuclear industry, the disposal of nuclear waste is the biggest problem faced by experts from all over the world. Nuclear industry equipment cleaning requirements are very strict, many conventional industrial cleaning methods, such as sandblasting and other cleaning methods are not suitable, because the pollution of the cleaning medium, the formation of new nuclear waste, will increase more nuclear waste, increase the processing of nuclear waste A bigger workload.

Dry ice cleaning is different because the dry ice cleaning medium is dry ice granules, which are sprayed onto the object to be cleaned. After the cleaning task is completed, it has become carbon dioxide gas. There is no problem of newly adding contaminated medium. The medium that needs further processing is only nucleated. Scrap and other waste on contaminated objects being cleaned.

Therefore, dry ice cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for the nuclear industry. At present, the international cleaning of nuclear facilities mostly uses dry ice cleaning methods, especially in France, where all of their nuclear power plant facilities are cleaned with dry ice cleaning technology.

In fact, the cleaning of dry ice is inseparable from the dry ice washing machine, which sprays dry ice onto the surface of the object to be cleaned, and uses the low temperature of dry ice to condense and embrittle the dust on the surface of the object to be cracked, causing oil and stain on the surface. It is heated off the surface of the object to be cleaned, encounters stains that are difficult to clean, and can be blown down by the action of the air compressor. Because the volume and weight of the dry ice is small, it will sublimate during the impact process. It will become a cold air flow to the surface of the object. Effectively achieve the role of