Application Fields and Advantages of High Purity Helium Gases with High Purity Gases

- Apr 13, 2018-

High-purity helium is also a type of high-purity gas. This helium gas is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, high-pressure gas that is stored in the cylinder during combustion. The helium gas of high-purity helium manufacturers is very stable, has good permeability, and can be used as a protective gas.

The use of high purity helium with high purity gas

1. High-purity helium gas utilizes its low boiling point of 268.9°C to a certain extent, and liquid helium can be used for ultra-low temperature cooling. In the application of superconductors, which are widely considered in the field of suspension trains, radon gas is indispensable.

2. Helium is often used for filling gas in spacecrafts or advertising balloons because of its inactive and lighter than air characteristics. This use is also well known.

3. Use of superconducting magnets for cooling in the field of respiratory development in marine development and in the medical field.

4. High purity helium can be used for cryogenic cold source and superconducting technology.

5. Can be used as high-vacuum devices, nuclear reactors, spacecraft and other leak detection agents and magnesium, zirconium, aluminum, titanium and other metal welding protection gas.

6. High-purity helium is used as a pressurized gas for liquid propellants such as liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in rockets and spacecraft.

7. High-purity helium is also used as cleaning agent for nuclear reactors, carrier gas for gas chromatographic analysis, balloon inflation, protective gas for arc welding, gas mixture for diving, and gas filling for gas thermometers.