Advantages of dry ice

- May 17, 2019-

1. Refrigerated transportation:

The sublimation point of dry ice is -78.5 ° C, and the cold storage capacity is twice that of ice. The effect for refrigeration is much better than ice. And it is important that as the temperature rises, the dry ice does not turn into water like ice, and it gets everywhere. It only sublimes into gas, no residue, no pollution. Therefore, the use of dry ice for the transport of cold collections can replace expensive professional refrigeration vehicles and reduce the cost of cold chain transportation. At present, the refrigerated transport of dry ice has been applied in many industries.

2, freezing rain is a good hand:

The low temperature properties of dry ice can also be used for artificial rainfall. When researchers use hot air balloons to put dry ice into the clouds, the dry ice will absorb heat and sublimate, so that the clouds will cool down quickly, allowing some water vapor and small water droplets in the clouds to condense into small ice crystals or large water droplets, achieving rapid artificial rainfall. Effect.

3, create a sea of clouds to do special effects:

With the advancement of society and science and technology, people's pursuit of food is no longer full of food and clothing, but also taste, and a high-key atmosphere. When the dishes and drinks with white smoke are on the table, it will undoubtedly make the whole banquet more high-grade. This kind of dining visual enjoyment demand also makes the dry ice cloud effect have a broader stage. At present, the application of dry ice in food production has become more and more mature. The special dishes such as dreamy beer, chilled lobster, and dry ice cold drink are satisfying people's appetite, and they also enrich people's visual enjoyment.

4, industrial cleaning shows:

Compared with other traditional industrial cleaning methods, the advantage of dry ice cleaning is that the dry ice will be instantly vaporized during the cleaning process, ensuring no residue at the cleaning site, no secondary waste, environmental protection and no pollution. In addition, in the process of industrial cleaning, the industrial production equipment can be cleaned online without disassembly and production stoppage, which greatly increases the production efficiency of the factory. In addition, since carbon dioxide is an inert gas, dry ice cleaning can be used for cleaning in flammable and explosive places, and can be charged. Industrial cleaning with dry ice also ensures that the surface of the object to be cleaned is not   damaged.